April 10, 2019

Ice Climber for NES (review and walkthrough)

Genre: Platform
Number of players: 2
Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Publisher: Nintendo in 1985

The plot of the game is quite simple, as for many games of that time. The fact is that the villain (red bird or pterodactyl) stole vegetables from the Eskimos and threw them on the tops of the icy mountains. The Eskimos, of course, were upset, but you and I can rejoice. After all, it was precisely this misfortune that caused one Eskimo to take a hammer and go to the lair of a feathered thief. The hero will storm the mountains until he returns the entire harvest of the village (or until the player has spare lives). The player must return the vegetables and catch the bird. On the way, we will be disturbed by seals, other birds and bears. Depending on the region of the game, the enemies vary. Seals are the property of the Japanese version of Ice Climber. In the American version of the animal was replaced by a very Kawai fluffy.

Ice Climber for NES from Nintendo, 1985
Ice Climber for NES from Nintendo, 1985
In total, the game has 32 game levels. The player, controlling the Eskimo armed with a mallet, must pave the way up, breaking through the icy rails. Upstairs they have to catch the condor. As they pass, instead of the usual ice blocks, frost appears, as well as vertical partitions and horizontally moving platforms. The speed of opponents at the same time begins to increase.

Ice Climber (Cover Art)

April 7, 2019

Balloon Fight for NES (review and walkthrough)

Genre: Arcade
Number of players: 2
Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Publisher: Nintendo in 1984

Balloon Fight is one of the first games on the NES console, simple but exciting. The game is designed for one or two players who are given control of the nameless characters suspended on balloons. Repeated presses of buttons A or B cause the character to wave his hands and gain height, with no strokes the character slowly descends to the ground under the action of gravity. The player loses his life in the event that the enemy has burst both his balls, if he falls into the water (a big fish eats him or he drowns) and as a result of a lightning strike.

Balloon Fight for NES from Nintendo, 1984
Balloon Fight for NES from Nintendo, 1984
The selection of game modes on the title screen is made by pressing the Select key. There are 2 different modes available in the game: standard, the goal of which is to destroy all opponents on the screen, and Balloon Trip (in the version for arcade machines was absent), in which you must avoid obstacles. This game does not have a final and after a certain number of levels passed, they just begin to repeat.

Balloon Fight (Cover Art)

April 4, 2019

Nintendo officially announced the SNES Mini console

Nintendo has announced plans to release an updated model of the legendary 16-bit Super Nintendo console or SNES. As in the case of last year's NES Mini, the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System connects directly to a high-definition TV using an HDMI cable and allows you to play pre-installed games that have become classics.
SNES Mini + 21 pre-installed game
SNES Mini + 21 pre-installed game
The Super NES Classic Edition Mini complectation contains 21 pre-installed games, including Star Fox 2, which has never been officially released before, the legendary Japanese RPG Final Fantasy VI, a revolutionary Donkey Kong Country platform at the time of its appearance, one of the best "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" and the famous action movie Super Metroid.

Aladdin for NES (review and walkthrough)

Genre: Platform
Number of players: 1
Developer: Hummer Team
Publisher: JY Company in 1995

Consider, albeit pirated, but the best version (review of all versions) of the Aladdin game for NES.

This video game was ported (recreated) by the "Hummer Team" programmers group on the NES with the same game from Capcom for the SNES game console. Of course, due to the limited capabilities of the NES system, much in the game, compared to the original, had to be simplified or cut out. This applies to graphics and music. With a more detailed and enlarged view of the graphic sprites in the game, you can see numerous flaws. It can be concluded that everything was done in a hurry and on the knee. Drawing could be better and not in the limitations of the NES platform, but in people. And now let's go over the levels of the game and try to have fun.

Aladdin for NES from JY Company, 1995
Aladdin for NES from JY Company, 1995
After the title screen, we will not see any opening intro (the pirates did not bother) and immediately get to the streets of the hot city "Agrabah". Here we can familiarize ourselves with the controls and have a fun run down the street, throwing a apples in the guards with and jumping on their heads. You also need to turn over the vases, from which any provisions fall or a fast scarab beetle flies out, which you need to try to catch, so that after the level you can play roulette. In the course of the level, we see emeralds scattered everywhere, which can be collected to replenish the supply of lives.

Aladdin for NES (review versions)

Versions of the game "Aladdin" for NES are many and all of them are ported from other systems. There were pirated versions of a completely different game in which the main character and title was replaced with Aladdin. Consider the basic versions in order.

Let's start with the best and widely known version, which was ported by the Hummer Team development team from the SNES console and released in 1995 by the pirated company JY Company.

Aladdin for NES from JY Company, 1995
Aladdin for NES from JY Company, 1995
In this version, it is necessary to note the excellent graphics (almost the maximum that the NES platform was capable of) and the pleasant soundtrack. Excellent character management. In the game there are all levels from the original on the SNES. But due to the limitations of the 8-bit NES platform, many elements have been simplified or removed altogether compared to the original game. This version was the adornment of the whole variety of games for the NES and was associated with this game console by gamers in the 90s. Often part of the cartridges multiplay. It is worth noting that subsequent pirate clones of the original version in rum with the name Aladdin (Unl) had cut down music and missing animation at the levels.

March 30, 2019

Interpretation of designations in the names of the roms (ROMs codes)

What is ROM?

ROM image (ROM-image or just ROM) is a binary file containing a copy of data from a ROM chip, usually from a game console cartridge, from a computer’s firmware, or information about the configuration of an arcade machine’s motherboard. The term is often used in the context of emulation: old games or programs recorded in the ROM of an old computer are copied to a file (dump) and can be run on a modern computer using an emulator program.

The so-called roms (dumps) of cartridges and images of disks with games are usually marked with special codes in file names. The decoding of these codes is given below:

Standard codes

[!] - Approved, good dump. Often this is an exact copy of the cartridge without data corruption. Does not contain hacks and modifications.

[!p] - Unreviewed (not tested) dump. This dump is closest to the original cartridge.

[a] - Another option (alternative version of the game). Sometimes it is better than the original, as it contains fixes and improvements (cheat codes from the original version may not work on it).

[b] - Bad dump (some data in such a dump is lost or distorted). Usually such images contain image output errors or simply do not work.

[f] - Corrected dump. Changes are specially made to the dump to correct or improve the work on the memory card or emulator.

[o] - Excessive dump. This dump contains extra data that means nothing. They do not affect the game in any way, they just make ROM more.

[p] - Dump the pirated version of the game. Usually, pirates insert their own copyrights, remove the name of the company or damage it.

[h] - Modified dump. The dump was changed, for example, in order to change the title or country code, insert an intro group or change game content.

[t] - Version with the trainer. Such a dump was cracked in order to insert cheats into it or add a menu of cheats so that they can be used in the game.

[T+XXX] - The latest translation to another language.

[T-XXX] - Outdated translation to another language.

(REVXX) - Revision number (00 - the earliest).

(VX.X) - Version number (1.0 is the earliest).

(PRG#) - Program revision.

(NG-Dump Known) - Good dump not found.

(M#) - The number of languages (selected in the menu).

[h#C] - Hacked internal information of the cartridge.

[hI] - An intro from the release group has been added to the cartridge.

[hIR] - Intro release of the group has been removed from the cartridge.

(PAL) - European region.

(NTSC) - American region.

March 27, 2019

NES screensaver for Windows

This screensaver will appeal to nostalgic fans of old games!
Each time it is launched, the recordings of the games from the favorite NES game console are randomly selected and simultaneously played on the screen. The number of games on the screen depends on the screen resolution of the monitor.

NES screensaver for Windows
NES screensaver for Windows
Installation and setup of this screensaver is as follows:
  1. Download the archive attached to this article (it already contains all the recordings of the passages and the games that are necessary for them).
  2. Unzip and open the resulting folder NES Screensaver 2016.
  3. Right-click on the NES Screensaver 2016.scr file and select Install.
  4. After that, the screensaver will be available in the list of the standard window with the selection and setting of screensavers in Windows.
  5. Next in this window, click the Options button and specify the path to the Movies folder, and then generate a list of games by specifying the Games folder (both folders are already contained in the archive with the screensaver).

Next on the Video tab, you need to specify the OpenGL interface to reduce the load on the processor when drawing graphics.

On the Input tab, uncheck "Always show cursor for this PC device" item.

On the Misc tab, check the box and specify the number of unique games that are simultaneously displayed on the screen in the "Only emulate this many unique games" item.

At this setting can be considered complete.

Download NES Screensaver 2016 | Size: 14.1 MB

March 25, 2019

Life and death of arcades (arcade machines)

In all countries except Japan, the arcades are dead. The current generation of gamers with the word "arcade" indifferently shrug, close this text and continue to play your Xbox. Old people will let a nostalgic tear and buy a ticket to the museum of Soviet slot machines. Many in our country will not understand at all what it is about - in their world was Dandy, Suponev, and a game salon with TV Funai in a supermarket around the corner. They did not go to any arcade halls and do not know that behind these words there is a whole layer of the electronic entertainment industry.

Why are arcades extinct? There is an opinion, and it is sufficiently substantiated, that home consoles are to blame for this. But is it really? And in general - is it worth it to yearn for the past? Let's try to figure it out.

Arcade machines
Now you have to burst into tears of nostalgia