March 27, 2019

NES screensaver for Windows

This screensaver will appeal to nostalgic fans of old games!
Each time it is launched, the recordings of the games from the favorite NES game console are randomly selected and simultaneously played on the screen. The number of games on the screen depends on the screen resolution of the monitor.

NES screensaver for Windows
NES screensaver for Windows
Installation and setup of this screensaver is as follows:
  1. Download the archive attached to this article (it already contains all the recordings of the passages and the games that are necessary for them).
  2. Unzip and open the resulting folder NES Screensaver 2016.
  3. Right-click on the NES Screensaver 2016.scr file and select Install.
  4. After that, the screensaver will be available in the list of the standard window with the selection and setting of screensavers in Windows.
  5. Next in this window, click the Options button and specify the path to the Movies folder, and then generate a list of games by specifying the Games folder (both folders are already contained in the archive with the screensaver).

Next on the Video tab, you need to specify the OpenGL interface to reduce the load on the processor when drawing graphics.

On the Input tab, uncheck "Always show cursor for this PC device" item.

On the Misc tab, check the box and specify the number of unique games that are simultaneously displayed on the screen in the "Only emulate this many unique games" item.

At this setting can be considered complete.

Download NES Screensaver 2016 | Size: 14.1 MB

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