April 4, 2019

Aladdin for NES (review and walkthrough)

Genre: Platform
Number of players: 1
Developer: Hummer Team
Publisher: JY Company in 1995

Consider, albeit pirated, but the best version (review of all versions) of the Aladdin game for NES.

This video game was ported (recreated) by the "Hummer Team" programmers group on the NES with the same game from Capcom for the SNES game console. Of course, due to the limited capabilities of the NES system, much in the game, compared to the original, had to be simplified or cut out. This applies to graphics and music. With a more detailed and enlarged view of the graphic sprites in the game, you can see numerous flaws. It can be concluded that everything was done in a hurry and on the knee. Drawing could be better and not in the limitations of the NES platform, but in people. And now let's go over the levels of the game and try to have fun.

Aladdin for NES from JY Company, 1995
Aladdin for NES from JY Company, 1995
After the title screen, we will not see any opening intro (the pirates did not bother) and immediately get to the streets of the hot city "Agrabah". Here we can familiarize ourselves with the controls and have a fun run down the street, throwing a apples in the guards with and jumping on their heads. You also need to turn over the vases, from which any provisions fall or a fast scarab beetle flies out, which you need to try to catch, so that after the level you can play roulette. In the course of the level, we see emeralds scattered everywhere, which can be collected to replenish the supply of lives.

Aladdin's main weapon is the jump. He has no sword. But there are apples with which he throws at enemies, stunning them or knocking them down. Control of the game - responsive. The reaction of the character to pressing the buttons of the joystick is instantaneous. Positioning accuracy on different platforms and protrusions is not always correct, which greatly complicates the passage. Enemies have minimal intelligence and are easy to kill.

The second level does not differ from the first. Slightly more jumps on the stairs and walls of houses. In general, all levels are quite the same. Sometimes there are bosses, but in all for the game we have two battles to survive: with a fat man who waves his sword like a mad one and the final battle with Jafar. There are levels in which Aladdin flies on the carpet of an airplane, but for some reason always dressed as a prince and with a princess at his side. Apparently even here the pirates did not bother and everywhere they used a ready-made sprite from the final scene, when Aladdin, having already defeated all applicants for mastering the princess, flies with her on an airplane rug to unknown palaces, make love. Jin approves of all this, sprinkling them with a sparkling powder.

Here it is, a game about the adventures of Aladdin on the NES. This version of the game was often included in various pirate collections on cartridges. And it was an ornament in the list of products for the pirate video game console NES (Dendy in Russia).

Level selection codes:
  • Level 2: Aladdin, Abu, Princess, Sultan
  • Level 3: Genie, Sultan, Jafar, Abu
  • Level 4: Abu, Aladdin, Princess, Aladdin
  • Level 5: Genie, Jafar, Princess, Genie
  • Level 6: Sultan, Aladdin, Jafar, Genie
  • Level 7: Princess, Aladdin, Aladdin, Genie

RAW cheat codes for version of Aladdin (Unl):
  • Infinite lives: 04EE:09
  • Infinite health: 04EF:09
  • Infinite 99 apples: 04F1:09 + 04F0:09
  • Infinite 99 emeralds: 04F3:09 + 04F2:09

Video full passage of the game Aladdin

In the archive offered for download, this version is contained in the Roms:
  1. Aladdin (Unl)
  2. Aladdin II (1995) (Unl)
  3. Aladdin III (1995) (Unl)
  4. Aladdin 4 (1995) (Unl)
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