April 10, 2019

Ice Climber for NES (review and walkthrough)

Genre: Platform
Number of players: 2
Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Publisher: Nintendo in 1985

The plot of the game is quite simple, as for many games of that time. The fact is that the villain (red bird or pterodactyl) stole vegetables from the Eskimos and threw them on the tops of the icy mountains. The Eskimos, of course, were upset, but you and I can rejoice. After all, it was precisely this misfortune that caused one Eskimo to take a hammer and go to the lair of a feathered thief. The hero will storm the mountains until he returns the entire harvest of the village (or until the player has spare lives). The player must return the vegetables and catch the bird. On the way, we will be disturbed by seals, other birds and bears. Depending on the region of the game, the enemies vary. Seals are the property of the Japanese version of Ice Climber. In the American version of the animal was replaced by a very Kawai fluffy.

Ice Climber for NES from Nintendo, 1985
Ice Climber for NES from Nintendo, 1985
In total, the game has 32 game levels. The player, controlling the Eskimo armed with a mallet, must pave the way up, breaking through the icy rails. Upstairs they have to catch the condor. As they pass, instead of the usual ice blocks, frost appears, as well as vertical partitions and horizontally moving platforms. The speed of opponents at the same time begins to increase.

Ice Climber (Cover Art)

The polar bear - its sudden appearance, threatens to shift the screen one level up, and if you were at this level, then life is taken away from you, and its arrival is associated with a long player idleness at the same height. Also, your problem will be the icicles appearing on the underside of the platforms - slowly and quickly forming ice growths, which, when fully developed, fall off and start to fly down, posing a threat to your climber. Platforms that you will break with a hammer can consist of easily collapsing blocks, hard-to-destroy, indestructible, and sliding-tracks. And, having passed in one side of the platform to the very end, you will exit in the opposite direction. Small, medium and long clouds will represent a real test for your dexterity, especially at the last levels, when their speed of movement will be very high. Jumping from one to another, you need to calculate the landing trajectory in advance.

Climbing to the upper levels, you will surely come across a bonus level that assumes, in a short period of time, to follow the jumps on the platforms, and moving clouds, to the very top, while collecting vegetables and fruits and maintaining coordination so as not to break down from the platforms. At the very top of the mountain, you will be waiting for a red bird that flies from side to side. You need to catch her long hoofs by the paws, after which the bonus level is considered to have been passed successfully, and you will be credited with additional points in the total score. If you fall from one of the platforms and fall down, the level will be considered lost.

The game also provides a cooperative mode of passing two players, and they can both compete with each other, and together pass the levels.

The graphics in the game pleases the eye. At the time of release, Ice Climber was a very technological game! It was losslessly ported from an arcade machine. The NES hardware was so powerful that the players didn't even notice the difference between the versions. Like Nintendo dragged an arcade machine to their house. Ice Climber was one of the games that was released simultaneously with the start of sales of the NES console in North America. Subsequently, Nintendo republished the game for its leading consoles, making some changes in the design and gameplay.

The music in the game is good and does not hurt the ears. It sounds pretty decent and very well corresponds to what the player sees on the screen. Although there are few melodies, they do not bother, but help to play the game fun. The sounds are also selected perfectly.

The game is made at the highest level. It is very interesting to play, the gameplay is so exciting that you even forget about time. Although the game has simple rules, and the opponents are stupid, the interest does not weaken.

The popularity of the game was so high that Nintendo was forced to release remakes on a strict schedule. The players wanted to see the Eskimos again and again on their screens, and the developers went to meet them. Even the Wii, a modern console, has got its own Ice Climber. And this is the best proof of the success of the game.

RAW cheat codes for version Ice Climber (U) [!]:
  • Invisibility to enemies: D348:60:20
  • Infinite lives: D481:C9:D6
  • Monsters do not kill the player: D346:B0:F0
  • Always very high jump: C839:1C:22

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  1. January 30, 1985 saw the light of the game ICE CLIMBER. It was the first game of Kazuaki Morita, the main programmer of Super Mario Bros., and he considered it "warming up" before a big project with a mustache in the lead role.